“Things Can Change Overnight” (WTC Video Compiled by Glenn Herman)

I used elements from two videos available on YouTube in order to make this one. I find the juxtaposition of the very early 80s soundtrack with the footage to capture my remembrances of the downtown NYC scene back in the day as well as acting as a conduit to the future state of the WTC property. My respects to all the people who made the original, as well as the new, WTC a reality.

The source material for the original WTC was uploaded by Kay1988SN here:

The source for the new WTC complex as executed by the Silverstein Property Company was uploaded by anapszerelmese and can be found here:

The song “Things Can Change Overnight” was composed by Sparks and sung by Adele Bertei for the “Bad Manners” film soundtrack (1984). This song has NEVER been commercially available in any form.

I hope this video finds you in a “future” state of mind – even a 1980s “future” state of mind!

Glenn Herman, October 2013