Core Competencies

  • Act as point of contact for organization executives, directors, managers, stakeholders, contactors, vendors, customers and team members.
  • Identification of stakeholders and defining and executing the communications plan, change management procedures, issue log resolution, risk management processes, quality assurance program, requirements gathering and project scope definition, resource allocation & tracking, configuration management, testing and maintenance or project handoff.
  • Business Process re-engineering, documenting the process changes, implementing the changes, training staff members for success and intermittent follow-up to insure transformation.
  • Tracking of development schedule, builds, releases, team resources and budget against project timeline and established budget.
  • Reporting project milestones, deliverables, challenges, risks and overall progress to stakeholders and management on a predetermined basis.
  • Manage application development schedule and strategy, accommodating changes and challenges to deliver a winning solution within budget and timeframes promised.
  • Manage system infrastructure implementation, stress testing, security, capacity planning, and hardware optimization.
  • Develop training strategy, materials and timeline. Conduct training sessions at all levels in an organization.






Consulting project-based activities.

CEO & Project Executive

Xykast is a group of strategic thinkers that have envisioned, built and launched a multi-platform video conference application called Xykast.

  • Conceived multi-user video chat service that was built upon a video mixer which could deliver up to 9 users in a single room with the bandwidth usage of a traditional one-to-one system.
  • Oversaw development of web components and installable application components.
  • Managed relationships with shareholders and outside vendors as well as internal developers and graphic designers.


IBM Global Services

Office Personnel Management
Retirement System Modernization

Retirement Systems Modernization (RSM) provides Federal employees ready access to their Federal government retirement account information, regardless of their current agency affiliation. RSM converts from paper to electronic media the historical retirement records maintained at the OPM Retirement Operations Center for the current Federal workforce, which is currently estimated at 2.7 million employees. This allows for greater use of advanced decision tools by beneficiaries, OPM, and agency HR staff while reducing the costs of storing and managing large amounts of paper. The first phase of the 5 year development lifecycle launched in mid October, 2003.

  • Ran requirements definition sessions.
  • Created and managed 500 page Microsoft Project master schedule.
  • Directly led teams that generated all project deliverables.
  • Acted a central client contact for Program.


Department of Commerce –

Assumed control of the project in June 2002. IBM had classified the project as troubled because of the desire of the customer to initiate legal action against IBM due to contract breach and non-performance. Began negotiations with the Department of Commerce in order to prevent the first known governmental lawsuit against IBM. This resulted in:

  • A contractual agreement that Department of Commerce will not sue IBM.
  • A contractual agreement to a 3 month development schedule that will improve the current application/code performance and functionality.
  • A vast cost savings (“stopping the bleeding”) on the IBM side (this project had lost $4M previously). Negotiated a 2M dollar IBM loss into a 3M IBM time and materials Contract.
  • Applied waterfall & agile methods to the effort. This includes implementation of a Baselined Project Schedule, Communication Plan, Risk Management Plan, Project Issue Online Tracking System, Formal Change Control Process and Log, Requirements Definition, User Interface Definition, Systems Definition, System Interfaces Definition, Package Extension Definition, Test Plan Specification, Configuration Management Plan, Build, and Promotion & Deployment Plan.


United States Mint Online Catalog

The Department of Treasury needed a new online catalog to sell their proof sets and other products directly to the consumer. In order to achieve this while complying with Congressional Oversight Rules we had to completely re-imagine their procurement, manufacturing and delivery backend.

  • Managed a 2 year effort from kickoff to the maintenance and transition handoff.
  • Negotiated a 6 month 8M project into a 2 year 80M total backend overhaul.
  • The delivered system tracked product creation and sale from component acquisition to pick and pack shipment to customer.
  • This project was honored internally at IBM as the “best example of a public sector win” in 2002 and 2003 as well as by the White House as best Public Sector “Win” of 2003 (Hammer Award). Requirements Definition Project

Led a four month exercise to produce a SOW, a requirements definition document and a detailed meta design document for a proposed scope of work that would modernize the Footlocker online stores (Footlocker, Ladies Footlocker, Kids Footlocker) into a single integrated e-commerce application. This work translated into a new web storefront for the customer.

NFL Shop

Managed initial requirements phase, technical scoping, hosting solution and development of the NFL Shop online catalog store.

  • Built fully functional storefront in less than 6 weeks, which was capable of taking 1M in orders daily.
  • Managed 6 waves of enhancements to the site over a period of 6 months.
  • Acted a single point of contact for client, development and creative teams.


Hunter College
New York, NY
BA in Communications/Media Studies
Magna Cum Laude 1993


  • IBM trained in Team leadership, Project Management, Project Management Tools, Contracting in a Customer Environment, the World Wide Project Management Method and Project Management in a Customer Environment.
  • IBM Manager with requisite personnel and human resource training.
  • Cleared to work as contractor at multiple U.S. Government agencies. Has passed 20-year background checks.