PA House Hunt

The Winner

158 Griffith Rd, Tyler Hill, PA 18469

$529,000 28.1 acres

158 Griffith Rd

Tyler Hill, PA 18469

Thoughts: Even though the house needs some facelift work, and it has has no basement, this house was the obvious choice. The preexisting shooting range, 2 acre pond and huge backyard area make this house the only viable candidate in Wayne County for us.



776 Eighmy Rd, Honesdale, PA 18431

$459,000 13.67 acres

776 Eighmy Rd

Honesdale, PA 18431

Why: Even though this was an immaculate house with stunning construction and land, the land just was not as usable for our purposes. It was painful putting this one on the reject list, but the land just was not what we needed – even though the house was EXACTLY what we wanted.


$585,000 15.4 acres

125 Griffith Rd

Tyler Hill, PA 18469

Why: Hard to tell why these 3 brothers turned a 100 year old Victorian house into motel hell – but they did! No amount hospice-like guestrooms could improve this property’s ambiance. I left this place thinking one thing, “WHY?!”


1124 Mill Creek Rd, Newfoundland, PA 18445

$417,000 16.6 acres

1124 Mill Creek Rd

Newfoundland, PA 18445

Why: Ultimately, the sheer volume of cosmetic overhaul coupled with the need to update the makeshift bedroom and the lack of central AC made this great property a no-go.


$465,000 109 acres

222 Korba Rd

Pleasant Mount, PA 18453

Why: If only this house looked like the picture instead of the scary mess we saw. Deliverance.


$269,000 18 acres

156 Station Hill Rd

Prompton, PA 18456

(1975 Modern upgrade on hunting lands – must see)

Why: Sun-room is sinking. Landscaping would be 50k at least. No AC. Private road to house is a deathtrap in summer, what to speak of Winter!


591 Plank Rd, Beach Lake, PA 18405

$325,000 23 acres

591 Plank Rd

Beach Lake, PA 18405

(Clean modern on great parcel of land near artsy NY town)

Why: Very small, land not suitable for a range, better for camping & hunting.


386 Neville Rd, Moscow, PA 18444

$399,900 14.63 acres
386 Neville Rd
386 Neville Rd
Moscow, PA 18444

Why: Bastard listed the house then refused to show it. What a jizzbag.


175 Rutledgedale Rd, Tyler Hill, PA 18469

$339,000 11.89 acres
175 Rutledgedale Rd
Tyler Hill, PA 18469

Why: Unfortunately the main house needs 100-150k in repairs & mods. The out barns all need MAJOR renovation (or demolition!) The pool needs replacement. Sadly, it requires too much work in order to move in.


17 Cricket Hill Rd, Hawley, PA 18428

$545,000 11.3 acres
17 Cricket Hill Road
Hawley, PA 18428

Pretentious McMansion. Elegance is skin deep. Look closer and it is a cheesy white trash “Estate” unworthy of consideration. All the trees are dead or dying. Rubbish.


113 Meadow Lane Rd, Damascus, PA 18415

$389,000 65 acres

113 Meadow Lane Rd

Damascus, PA 18415

Why: small new house on vast estate, but most land is off a cliff and seemingly unusable.


$199,000 15.2 acres

2137 Easton Tpke

Lake Ariel, PA 18436

Why: Chock full o’ neighbors. Old house, cramped. Overall a great place to commit suicide.


4 Crooked Creek Rd, Pleasant Mount, PA 18453

$465,000 15.02 acres

4 Crooked Creek Rd

Pleasant Mount, PA 18453

Why: Good back area for shooting. This party house needs some work and is not really ideal for people our age.


116 Daniels Rd, Hawley, PA 18428

$489,000 23.95 acres

116 Daniels Rd

Hawley, PA 18428

Why: Nasty pool, odd grafted style house. Dark and depressing.


247 St Marys Church Rd, Lake Ariel, PA 18436

$439,000 11.09 acres

247 St Marys Church Rd

Lake Ariel, PA 18436

Why: Limited Privacy. McMansion in need of some polishing. Pond was a dirty bug infestation.


416 Canfield Rd, Damascus, PA 18415

$299,900 b1991 13 acres

416 Canfield Rd

Damascus, PA 18415

(13 acres 4 bedroom ultra-modern)

Thoughts: Weird bathroom setup, one bedroom has no AC. Needs gas stove hookup. No cell coverage.


21 Colebrook Ln, Honesdale, PA 18431

$279,900 15 acres

21 Colebrook Ln

Honesdale, PA 18431

(clean redone home 2000sq feet)

Thoughts: 2nd floor just an open space – needs 50k of work probably. Possible neighbor issue.


1873B Hancock Hwy, Honesdale, PA 18431

$395,000 42.51 acres

1873B Hancock Hwy

Honesdale, PA 18431

Why: Heinous mold palace from the late 1970s. Rugs in the kitchen and bathroom (WTF?!) Lake is 45 minutes through the forest. Vile.


103 Sherwood Dr, Waymart, PA 18472

$325,000 18 acres

103 Sherwood Dr

Waymart, PA 18472

(Farmhouse with hot tub solarium)

Why: House too small, neighbors right up against house on one side.


355 S Sterling Rd, South Sterling, PA 18460

$349,000 32 acres

355 S Sterling Rd

South Sterling, PA 18460

(54 BR Farmhouse built in 1881 on 32 acres)

Why: Chaotic, house that is only half finished. So many unfinished improvements. Run!


126 Huckleberry Rd, Newfoundland, PA 18445

$330,000 55 acres

126 Huckleberry Rd

Newfoundland, PA 18445

(2 BR Cabin/shack on 55 acres)

Why: Dreadful moldy micro-cabin on great land. Owner is high asking for $330K.


1051 Sheerer Rd, Lake Ariel, PA 18436

$475,000 22.99 acres

1051 Sheerer Rd

Lake Ariel, PA 18436

Why: Crazy divorcee living in dreadful kitschy ranch. Would cost a bundle just to make it look civilized again.


$298,000 “Gay/Oriental House” 10 acres

302 Bidwell Hill Rd

Lake Ariel, PA 18436

(Bauhaus ultra modern superb finished house – MUST SEE)

Why: Fantastic house & property – in the Hamptons. Totally useless for our purposes in PA.


Rt 590, Greeley, PA 18425

$399,999 45 acres

Rt 590

Greeley, PA 18425

(3 homes on 45 acres – rental city – Must See)

Why: Putrid white trash shit-pit. Words cannot describe the degeneracy.


1568 Hancock Hwy, Honesdale, PA 18431

$114,900 23 acres

1568 Hancock Hwy

Honesdale, PA 18431

(Foreclosure – needs work in order to move in)

Why: Tear-down house on unusable land.


$299,000 33 acres

141 Route 590

|Greeley, PA 18425

(nice place, great land nosy nearby neighbors?)

Why: Run-down smelly, moldy house on litter-strewn forest.


$370,000 45 acres

266 Braman Rd

Equinunk, PA 18417

(Heart shaped lake, semi-modern indoors- clean – MUST SEE)

Why: Fantastic property, depressing house. Overall, a grim proposition.


$399,000 74 acres


Starrucca, PA 18847

(900 Sq Ft Cabin (New) on massive water filled land)

Unusable cabin and unusable land. Great for a outdoors-man, not for us.


$219,000 10 acres

195 Shadigee Creek Rd

Starrucca, PA 18462

(Decent house on 10 acres)

Why: Small, run down, didn’t bother to even go inside.


2314 Owego Tpke, Honesdale, PA 18431

$350,000  b1977

2314 Owego Tpke

Honesdale, PA 18431

(40 acres, lake, broken indoor pool, 4 BR, 3.5 Bath)

Why: Creepy dirty water plagued frankenhouse! Psychotically bad.


$274,500 L P b1980

1257 Shady Ln

Honesdale, PA 18431

(10 acres Heated Pool, Lake Rights 5 BR Glen Cove 70s Chic)

Why: Mediocre, drab early 80s house with great pool and musty rugs indoors. Disappointing.


$249,000 b1860

1755 Creek Dr

Waymart, PA 18472

(23 acres 3BR 2BTH Minimalistic Modern Farmhouse)

Why: Old house with slap-dash renovation. Water leakage, small, dead bugs. Run down.


$189,000 b1900

905 Belmont Tpke

Waymart, PA 18472

(20 acres Weird Dilapidated Parrot House with barn)

Why: Sanford & Son destroyed house with horrible land- THE WORST.


$249,000 35 acres

351 Saint Tikhons Rd

Waymart, PA 18472

(semi-modern 1890 house on 35 acres w private pond – MUST SEE)

Why: In a conservation area – no business or shooting.


279,000 18 acres

83 Salem View Dr

Waymart, PA 18472

(Mod kitchen log cabin – must see)

Why: Contract signed already


149 Whitmore Rd, Damascus, PA 18415

249,900 35 acres

149 Whitmore Rd

Damascus, PA 18415

Why: Most of the land has already been cleared. Also, it is kind of a shitbox.


$299,000 11 acres

1422 Route 590

Hawley, PA 18428

(Modern house with full 70s apartment over garage – must see!) OFF THE MARKET, but private showing available.

Why: House was taken off the market permanently.