First Hand Report of Rat Infestation at Fairway Market NYC (Video)

I made this video of the rat problem at Fairway Marketplace, Upper Westside, Manhattan. Put me off olives for awhile, needless to say!

I sent the following email to Fairway Management along with a copy of this video:

Hello Fairway Marketplace:

At 12:20 AM I entered your Upper Westside Store to buy a few things. When I arrived at the area with the buckets of olives I was surprised that a man next to me jumped away from the produce and started gesticulating wildly. He explained that there was a mouse or rat walking all over the tops of the produce.

I moved in closer to examine for myself the truth and I discovered a small rat or mouse happily hanging out in the olive bins. He was walking all over the produce. The night manager and a clerk were discussing how they knew about the problem and that the exterminator was coming.

Additionally, they stated that these vermin often come from the subway. In my opinion, it might be time to invest in a few buckets with plastic foldup lids. This would prevent the mice from directly contaminating the produce. Ideally, the vermin infestation should be dealt with so that there are no need for plastic tops to the buckets.

I wish you well in finding a solution to this problem. However, I think I will buying my olives and artichokes somewhere else for the foreseeable future.


Glenn Herman


I discovered this blog post from 9/10/12: UWS Video/Photos: Rats Scurrying Around INSIDE Upper West Side Fairway Market

This post describes the same problem and Fairway’s promise to rid the store of vermin. I guess they have yet to be successful on that front…


I received the following email from Fairway today…

thank you for taking the time to email us.i handle the catering for our manhattan  stores, and i have  forwarded your email to our store manager, our  produce director and our director of store operations. it will be addressed immediately. please accept our  sincere apologies. we appreciate and value your  continued business.