Regine Fetet of Groundbreaking Electronic Group “hard Corps” Remembered

Ten years ago Regine Fetet, vocalist for the seminal electronic band hard Corps, died of breast cancer.

Fetet was best remembered for her off-kilter vocal stylization and flashing her breasts to shocked euroteenie stadium audiences. She was actually more of a performance artist, but back in the 80s nobody knew what that was.

Born in Eastern France in the late 1960s, she was one of the vagabond generation that kicked around Europe in search for artistic purpose.

She was an exotic dancer before connecting with hard Corps in 1984. Many of her songs incorporate the compartmentalized sexuality so prevalent in that world.

Back in 1985, I thought hard Corps were the next logical evolution of the Kraftwerk sound. Looking back, what seemed like a natural progression, was only an evolutionary dead-end. The hard Corps sound seems more relevant today, as a new generation of electronic musicians are discovering their music. Like Kraftwerk before them, hard Corps are more known in the world of musicians than in the world of music consumers.

Ironically, almost 30 years after the band's demise they sell more units than at the height of their 1980s popularity. This is a testament to the vision of Fetet and her bandmates Hugh Ashton, Clive Pierce and Robert Doran.

hard Corps, like futurism itself, only burned brightly for a brief moment and then it was gone. The sounds still remain - sounds pure and timeless, not dated at all.

Regine Fetet

Regine Fetet was also like that.

For those of us that will never burn as brightly, but who remain  - remembrance and gratitude.

When The Flesh Gets Cut Off The Soul, It's Not The End. I Will See You Again.

Samsung testing 5G wireless technology that can download entire movies in seconds

Samsung on Sunday announced that it had developed a core component of its 5G network by solving a problem that has stymied the wireless industry, Yonhap News reported. Using the 28GHz waveband, Samsung says it has achieved download and upload speeds of tens of gigabits per second (Gbps). Current 4G LTE networks top out at around 75 megabits (Mbps).

In practice, that speed would allow wireless users to download a full HD movie in seconds. Samsung executives see the technology enabling a wide range of rich applications.

Samsung used 64 antenna elements in order to accomplish the high-speed data transfer, and said the company expects that it can commercialize the technology by 2020.


Study: The MacBook Pro with Boot Camp is the world’s most reliable Windows PC

Study: The MacBook Pro with Boot Camp is the world's most reliable Windows PC

Here’s something that should embarrass Microsoft’s OEM partners: The most reliable Windows PC in the world wasn’t even designed to run on Windows. ZDNet reports that a new study from PC efficiency software vendor Soluto has used “data from its massive online database of PC crashes, hangs, and performance metrics to identify the 10 most reliable Windows PCs you can buy today.” The study found that the 13-inch Retina-equipped MacBook Pro with Boot Camp installed is “at the top of the list.” Other reliable PCs include the Acer Aspire E1-571, the Dell XPS 13, the Dell Vostro 3560, the Acer Aspire V3-771 and Apple’s 15-inch Retina-equipped MacBook Pro. Taken all together, then, Apple computers account for 33% of the six most reliable Windows PCs in the world while no PCs produced by the world’s leading vendor HP even crack the top 10.

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Jon Pertwee’s secret life as a wartime agent… years before he did battle with the Daleks!

He was best known for battling the Daleks as one of the best-loved Doctor Whos.

But now it has been revealed that Jon Pertwee was a real-life secret agent years before he donned the Time Lord’s cape.

The actor, who died in 1996 aged 76, was a senior intelligence agent during the Second World War and reported directly to Winston Churchill.

He was also recommended for another role by James Bond creator Ian Fleming – and proved to be an expert in using a range of 007-like gadgets, including a smoking pipe that fired bullets and handkerchiefs containing secret maps.

The revelations – in a long-lost tape-recorded interview – confirm that Pertwee’s wartime activities were as remarkable as his acting career, which saw him play the third incarnation of the Doctor between 1970 and 1974.

Pertwee said he kept silent about the nature of his covert role with the Naval Intelligence Division for decades for fear of breaching the Official Secrets Act.On the tape he says: ‘The team I worked with, the brothers in intelligence, were an amazing  collection of characters.

‘There was a huge range of talents all being used to better protect the security of the nation, often in very surprising ways.

‘I did all sorts. Teaching commandos how to use escapology equipment, compasses in brass buttons, secret maps in white cotton handkerchiefs, pipes you could smoke that also fired a .22 bullet. All sorts of incredible things. It suited me perfectly as  I have always loved gadgets.

‘I used to attend meetings where Churchill would be at the end of the table and he would be smoking his cigars. At the end of the meeting, I used to collect the butts and sell them on to the Americans for a few dollars.

‘I don’t remember much of  my first meeting with Churchill except he gave me some priceless advice. He told me to always watch people, that there was a lot you could learn about someone’s character from the little actions they make – which was great advice for an actor.’

Pertwee also read more

NY Daily News Covers My Rat Video!

	Mouse in the "Regular Spicy Mix" olives in a YouTube video titled "Baby Rat INSIDE Upper West Side Fairway Olive Bar" uploaded by Mike MyUpperWest.

Mike MyUpperWest/via YouTube

Mouse gets in the olives in Fairway supermarket in Manhattan.

These olives are the pits.

A revolting video posted on neighborhood blog captured a mouse scurrying about an assortment of oily olives at the Fairway supermarket.

The nauseating footage was shot just after midnight on Wednesday at the olive bar inside the grocery store on Broadway near W. 74th St., the blog reported. The store’s hours are from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

“When I arrived at the area with the buckets of olives I was surprised that a man next to me jumped away from the produce and started gesticulating wildly,” wrote Glenn Herman in a letter to the store’s customer service that was posted on the blog.

“I discovered a small rat or mouse happily hanging out in the olive bins,” he added.


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