Brian de Palma Interview: “You have to battle”

Q: Have any rap artists ever approached you to work on projects together?

BDP: The only thing that’s happened is that Universal has continually wanted to put a rap score on Scarface and re-release it and I haven’t allowed them to do it.

Q: Well, Giorgio Moroder’s score is already perfect.

BDP: Thank you. That’s what I think, too. So, they’re very unhappy with me, because they could obviously make a tremendous amount of money, but I said, “That score’s not being changed.”

Q: I guess you have final cut?

BDP: Yeah.

Q: Is final cut necessary to fulfill your vision as a director?

BDP: We were very lucky in our generation. We got final cut. We were in the era of the director superstar. Very few directors have final cut today. Obviously Spielberg does and Scorsese, but there aren’t too many. And the new directors are constantly not getting final cut so you have to battle with the studios to make sure that they don’t alter your movie. You can’t make very controversial movies.

Q: Do you always have final cut?

BDP: Yeah, except on Get to Know Your Rabbit. (Laughs)

Q: What happened there?

BDP: I got fired!

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